Genesis Custom Gunsmithing LLC offers a variety of services to our customers.

Firearm Transfers: Rifles and Shotguns: $35 (includes Federal Background Check) Handguns: $45 (includes State of Wisconsin Background Check)

Standard Firearm Cleaning: $45

Detailed Firearm Cleaning, which includes disassembly, cleaning of parts, and recommendations if excessive wear is noted: $90

Deep Cleaning: includes disassembly, inspection, evaluation and cleaning of exceptionally dirty or corroded firearms: Hourly Rate

Standard Bore Sighting: $25

Custom Bore Sighting based on specific bullet ballistics: $30

Safety Check of Firearms: $45

Minimum Charge / Bench Fee: $35

Labor Charge per hour for General Firearm Repair: $60

AR Rifle Build: Call for a quote

Custom 1911 Build: Call for a quote

1911 Trigger Job: Hourly not including parts

Fit 1911 Barrel: Hourly not including parts

Additional services will be added in the future.